Kathie Langston

When I first met Nellie, I was skeptical of trying cosmetic dermatology because I didn’t want my face to appear unnatural. But as a single mom of a multiply handicapped child, I was chronically tired and my face showed it. Nellie understood my concerns and gave me a very professional consultation. So I agreed to try just a little Botox and some Radiesse in key problem areas. I was impressed with her skill and artistry as she mapped out what would be most helpful for my particular facial structure. I found the treatment to be a restful experience rather than stressful and the results were amazing! I’ve experienced no negative side effects and have had many compliments from people since then. I tell them about 424 Cosmetic Dermatology’s services and keep a few of Nellie’s business cards on hand to pass along. Now that I feel better about my appearance, I’m more motivated to take care of other important areas in my life such as nutrition and exercise. I’m looking forward to trying other services at 424 Cosmetic Dermatology in the future.