Ruth Fordyce

At 45 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Having felt old inside for quite some time, I was quite miffed when in my 50-ish years I began to LOOK old. When I first met Nellie at 4 24 through a dear friend, my intention was to remove some of the “interstate” from my legs. Although Asclera for my legs was my first objective, I began with Botox, some Radiesse and Juvederm. After looking at myself in the mirror, hearing my husband’s positive comments about my appearance and friends telling me how rested I looked, the confidence of my pre-MS days has returned. Knowing I look rested and refreshed even when I’m not, is “priceless.” About the interstate in my legs, Nellie has reduced it to a middle of nowhere town and I’m happily wearing shorts these days! And the 424 Skincare products keep me looking and feeling radiant between office visits and extends the life of the treatments. Needless to say, I am a lifelong client of 424 Cosmetic Dermatology.